The Bubble Gum Machine

The Bubble Gum Machine  Senate Records 1967
We had many bands before the” BGM”, but for now we will just talk about this group! We were a Rock band that changed our name when we made this Album for Senate Records in 1967. We had some moderate success ,or so we thought! We played for thousands of people all over the U.S. and several other countries . We have still not been paid anything for this work! Now 47 years later, The Bubble Gum Machine Album has been digitally re-mastered , rereleased, and being sold at Best Buy, WalMart, kmart, iTunes, Amazon and many record store chains. We really are grateful for another shot at being heard. Please listen to the snippets on our player. If you like what you hear, you may purchase our music in either CD or Vinyl format from the links. Back
Vicki Spencer | The Bubble Gum Machine 1967
Vicki Spencer

12 June, 1945

Vicki started performing at age 15 and made two movies before joining her brothers in The Bubble Gum Machine (“ Teenage Millionaire”, and “Twist Around The Clock” , both in 1961). She was 16 . She and Billy co-wrote several songs together, and they were the front girl and guy for the band. Vicki was born June 12, 1945 in Cincinnati Ohio, and lived part time in New York with Mom, Jewel ( and she was ) and her Dad, Lou, and summers in Kentucky with her maternal grandparents. Check out her website for more information.


Billy Spencer | The Bubble Gum Machine 1967
Billy Spencer

4 July, 1949

Billy and Danny were fraternal twins . Billy was a little older by a minute or two. They came in with a bang! They were born on July 4, 1949 in Cincinnati Ohio. Sadly, Billy died at age 27 in 1976 in a tragic accident leaving his lovely wife, Lorraine, a widow. He was one of the best front men in the business and a great showman. He could sing anything! His voice was the lead and most recognizable on most of the Album tracks. Before Billy died, he wrote an entire Album that he and Danny performed on and was never released. We are working on releasing it now. It is called, “ Spencer-The Legacy “. It is some of his best work. We miss him every day! We will let everyone know when it is released. He loved Rock, Soul, and Country music. He combined it all in his last work. You won’t believe how good it is, it can still hold its own today!

Danny Spencer | The Bubble Gum Machine 1967
Danny Spencer

4 July, 1949

Danny was always interested in the drums. In fact, he got his first set of drums from family friend Buddy Rich. Buddy gave him a few tips on how to use them! Danny was one of the best in the business. In fact, when we played Cesar’s Palace, BB king tried to steal him from us because he was a rock steady drummer, and never missed a beat! He is happily married to Linda Spencer now and living in Kentucky. Dan loves country and rock. Wait until you hear the “ Spencer- Legacy” Album, it will blow your mind!

George Peel | The Bubble Gum Machine 1967
George Peel

16 February, 1948

George was born on February 16, 1948 in Kentucky . The Peels had a big farm and we knew of George from the other musicians in the area. If you want the best Bass player/vocalist (that man can sing too), then you want George Peel! He was “ adopted” into our family from the first meeting! He was there in the beginning and stayed until the end. He was in all of our groups. He was 17 when we snatched him from KY. George is back in his hometown now and is still writing music. We recently co-wrote a song over the phone (LOL) and it is on Vicki’s website. It is called “ Sweet Memories”, and boy were they. George was very important to our sound and arrangements. What a great bassist, vocalist and the best harmony singer I have ever met, and still a good friend. He is also VERY funny!

Danny Evans | The Bubble Gum Machine 1967
Danny Evans

29 Junuary, 1945

Danny Evans (our second “adopted” member) was and still is a great keyboardist. He was born January 29th, 1945 in New York. He played Hammond Organ in the group, sang harmony, and was great on lead as well. He was very instrumental in making our song arrangements so that we had our own style. Danny was always interested in Jazz, and that is what he is doing now. He and his lovely wife Susie live in California. He too, was there in the beginning and stayed until the end of The Bubble Gum Machine and the group to follow. We were out of touch until the resurrection of the Album. For more on Danny: